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The Texas Harm Reduction Alliance (THRA) emerged in early 2019 in response to unprecedented opioid overdose rates and apparent statewide need for harm reduction policy advocacy, education, and capacity-building for direct services with people impacted by substance use, overdose, HIV, hepatitis, and sex work.  


THRA is a resource for all community sectors and organizations seeking evidence-informed pathways to improvement of conditions and outcomes related to drug use and related activity.  We operate a mobile direct services program in the Austin area (Austin OPS) that provides overdose prevention education, naloxone, and linkage to same-day medicine-based treatment for opioid use disorders.

Texas Harm Reduction Alliance is an Austin-based, statewide organization that aims to end the drug war and its harms through harm reduction outreach, training, advocacy, and organizing.



We envision a state in which people of all ages have equitable opportunities to live healthy and meaningful lives free from harmful consequences of substance misuse.



The Alliance supports substance use related policies, programs and services that:


Honor the complex biopsychosocial  nature of substance misuse, unique to every individual.

 Respect the human rights, cultural values, beliefs, autonomy and dignity of all people.

Are evidence-informed, pragmatic, non-coercive and non-discriminatory.

Are continuously improved with timely and relevant data.

Are trauma-informed, resilience & recovery oriented.

Are equally accessible to all.

Are informed by the wisdom of lived experience.​

board of directors


Katy Dyer


Jorge Renaud


Cara Dahlhausen

Amanda Lewis

Snehal Patel

Nirel Jones Smith

want to get involved?

THRA seeks to grow our board and committees membership with an eye for lived experience of harms and resilience in the current environment of drug and health policy. We also seek experts in the legal, criminal justice, health systems, and legislative realms of service to advise or join our leadership to further our mission.



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