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thra's organizing project is fighting to end the war on drugs and homelessness through local and state-level community organizing.

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free bus fares for austin's unhoused community

When someone becomes unhoused, lack of access to transportation can mean missed meals, job opportunities, case manager meetings, escalating health issues and more. We're fighting for a free bus fare program for people experiencing homelessness. 

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overdose crisis as public health emergency

As the overdose crisis in Austin escalates, overdose has become a more likely cause of death than car accidents in Travis County. In 2022, Texas Harm Reduction Alliance held a town hall with more than 100 people to address local leaders' response to the crisis. We then organized to fight for a public health crisis declaration in Travis County and the City of Austin. The declaration resulted in funding for harm reduction, including increased naloxone access, harm reduction outreach workers, and a community awareness campaign.


a word from one of our members!

Hi I’m Denver, I am a leader at THRA
I got involved with THRA because I wanted to do more than just protest. I wanted to do actual change for my community. I feel like THRA gives me a platform and a way to actually do direct action that wasn’t available before. We organized to create a 31 day bus pass policy and it was amazing. I felt like I participated in democracy and the experience of organizing taught me something I would like to share.

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