Cate Graziani, Co-Executive Director

  Cate is thrilled to be working with an all-star team at THRA to prevent overdoses, decriminalize public health issues, and fight to end the racist War on Drugs. Before joining THRA, Cate was a member of the criminal justice team at Grassroots Leadership for four years, where she led work to fight private prison companies' foray into mental health hospitals, instead calling for divestments from the criminal legal system and reinvestments in community health. Her advocacy lies at the intersections of prison abolition, the "behavioral health" system, and ​racial justice, fighting for non-punitive & non-coercive public health strategies for drug use.

Originally from CA by way of NC, Cate moved to Austin in 2011. After earning her MPAff/MSSW from the University of Texas, Cate worked for Mental Health America of Texas during the 2015 legislative session. That year, she helped pass SB 1462, the bill that expanded access to naloxone across Texas. She was awarded a Fulbright research award to study Portugal’s world-renowned drug decriminalization policy in 2016. Over nine months, she interviewed policymakers, academics, outreach workers, and people who inject drugs, learning from their public health approach to drug use so she could become a stronger advocate at home. Since then, Cate has been building a Harm Reduction movement in Austin and across Texas.

Joe Martinez, Outreach Worker/Recovery Coach

Joe is a lifelong resident of Austin, Texas where he was raised by a single parent - his beautiful mother Juana - with his two younger sisters. Joe graduated from Johnson High and his hobbies include artwork, sports and playing bingo. 


From Joe: 

"I am very excited to be part of the great team here at THRA, to be able to give back to our community, and to help save lives because your life matters. I enjoy going out to the field and reaching out to anyone that I can help and listen to. I watched the destruction that drugs have caused in our community and want to be someone that brings hope to those that often feel hopeless, and to be able to put a smile on y'alls faces and heart. It's a pleasure to do outreach work and make a difference in someone's life. God bless y'all!" 

Shanice Brim, Communications Manager

Shanice Brim is a native of New York City. She has been involved in social justice work since her days at University of the Pacific where she began raising money for and volunteered at women’s shelters. 


In 2015, she began organizing in the Movement For Black Lives as an NYC Chapter member of abolitionist group BYP100. She went on to work for BYP100 as an Internal Communications Specialist, at Flatbush Tenant Coalition as a housing organizer, and at Austin Women Health Center as an abortion care provider. 


Shanice is a Black feminist and police and prison abolitionist who believes that we can take care of our communities through education equity, universal healthcare, investing in people over profits, and effective community problem solving/conflict resolution!

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Eli Cortez, Organizer and Training Coordinator

Eli grew up in Austin, Texas before attending the University of Texas where he received his BSW. Eli has been engaged primarily in campus advocacy with other queer students of color to create supportive spaces on campus for otherwise marginalized populations. He hopes to refine his advocacy skills to challenge the carceral state that criminalizes poverty and substance use by targeting PWUD.

Eli is excited to partner with a harm reduction organization that centralizes community outreach and support to reduce overdoses in Texas. He hopes to one day implement alternatives to incarceration, contribute to the abolition of prisons, and fight to end the war on drugs that has disproportionately harmed BIPOC communities.

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Ana Rosa Granados, Director of Services

Is a Salvadoran with a history of advocacy and human rights work. Ana grew up in Queens, NY and El Salvador. Ana believes harm reduction is practiced in our everyday lives and is dedicated to expanding the harm reduction movement in Texas.Throughout her life, she has worked in almost every field of advocacy: fair-housing, prison reform policy, economic justice, immigration, and homelessness. 


In 2020 She volunteered to do work with migrants in detention centers to help them understand their rights and fight for their human given rights to asylum. She believes in the system of self empowerment and emergent strategies to help organize communities together to further practice harm reduction. She has a degree in Philosophy and Political Science and she enjoys relationship building, painting, writing and cooking in her downtime!

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Gaby Libretti, Drop-In Center Coordinator 

Gaby is a New Jersey native who has planted her roots in Austin, Texas. She attended The University of Texas and graduated with a Bachelor's in Radio-Television-Film. After a powerful personal experience with recovery, Gaby turned her passion towards working with others on their own journey. She worked at Integral Care as a peer specialist and qualified mental health professional, focused on serving the unhoused community in Austin. While working in mental health, she became involved in community harm reduction efforts as a part of Austin Harm Reduction Coalition. She is a certified Mental Health Peer Specialist and continuing education towards becoming a licensed chemical dependency counselor. 


Gaby believes in radically changing mental healthcare and substance use systems to better address issues of trauma and inequity. She believes in the importance of community healing and is excited to be a part of the THRA team.

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Emily Edgerly, Operations and Finance Manager

Emily is an advocate, substance use counselor and person with lived experience who is passionate about utilizing principles of harm reduction to address the systemic barriers PWUD face. Emily’s career has focused on building systems that promote well being and reduce harm to individuals who use drugs and bringing attention to the intersectionality of substance use and disability.


Emily served as a founding committee member and site leader of Hand Up Health Services Syringe Service program, the New Hampshire Opioid and Brain Injury Task Force.